When is the next Antique Candle Sale?

Antique Candles are only offered about twice a month through an online pop-up sale. There are usually 30 - 50 different antique candles available for purchase! These sales occur on our website and are advertised about a week in advance. Be sure not to miss the sale announcement by signing up for our mailing list or connect with us on Instagram or Facebook! We recommend visiting the website 5-10 minutes before the sale begins since the Antique Candles normally sell out with 20 minutes.


What is an Antique Candle?

An Antique Candle is a soy candle in a genuine vintage or antique vessel. Our team goes "picking" for the most unique and desirable antique vessels once a week. After they are cleaned up at the candle studio, we fill them with wax + fragrances! These are truly one-of-a-kind soy candles and are our favorite candles to create!


What are your best selling fragrances?

Our 15 current fragrances have been hand selected by our team and approved by our customers. Some of our best selling fragrances include Back Roads, Clean Cotton, and Apple Pickin'. When you shop on our website, you can "Best Sellers" from the sort function to see what others like!


Why soy wax?

Soy wax has numerous health and environmental benefits.  It is also produced locally at many Midwest farms.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Contains no petrol-soot that will blacken walls or ceilings
  • Has a longer lasting burn
  • Derived from a renewable resource (soybeans)
  • Biodegradable and easy to clean-up with soap and water
  • Drives business for farmers in the Midwest


How should I store my soy candle?

Store your candle in a cool, dry place, and away from sunlight. Soy candles can discolor and fade when they are exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time. It is best not to display your candles in sunlight or fluorescent lighting.


What is the best way to care for my candle wick?

We strongly recommend keeping your candle wick trimmed at 1/8” to keep the candle from smoking and producing a large flame. It can help to trim the wick with the candle upside down to keep the wick from falling into the candle.  Allow the candle to burn for 2-4 hours at a time to ensure an even burn.  If the candle does not burn long enough in an appropriate size room you will not be able to smell the wonderful aromas. For example, our 16 oz Mason jar candle would be best in a medium size room of approx. 25 by 25 feet.


Why does my candle have a bumpy and rough surface after I burned it?

Soy wax does not naturally cool with a perfectly smooth candle top. But once you burn the candle again, it will create a liquid wax pool that continues to give off a wonderful fragrance. Other waxes or additives need to be added to the natural soy wax to create this effect. Antique Candle Works candles are made with soy wax without any of these additives.


How do I clean the candle container after I am finished burning it?

Warm water with soap is all you need! It is a quick clean-up.