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Mason Jar DIY - Blue Tinted Jars

Mason Jar DIY - Blue Tinted Jars

As you may know, if there’s one thing we absolutely can’t get enough of here in the studio, it’s vintage jars!  Most of our candles are hand poured into adorable Mason jars, and many of our antique candles are poured into old jars.  Of all these rustic vessels, one jar that is always everyone’s favorite is the blue Ball jar used for antique candles!  That stunning blue tint on these jars is so unique, and fits perfectly into every home!


For this next Mason Jar DIY, you finally won’t have to wait until the next Antique Candle Restock to get your hands on one of those gorgeous blue jars.  Just grab your old candle jars and a few crafting supplies, and learn how to tint your jars that vintage blue!


What you will need: old Antique Candle Works candles (I used three 16oz jars), blue liquid food coloring, Mod Podge glue (I used the gloss version), small mixing containers (I used three for three different shades), wax paper for baking


1. Clean out your candle jars. You will want to make sure the inside of each jar is very clean and dry before you begin this project.

2. In your small mixing containers, add 1 tablespoon of clear water. I used small measuring cups, but even though the sizes are different, they have the same amount of water in each.

3. Add the drops of blue food coloring to each container and stir to combine. I used the size of the cups to mark different amounts of food coloring.

I used 20, 40, and 60 drops.  The number of drops will determine how tinted the jar is, so you can adjust according to what you want.  However, anything less than 20 drops is hardly visible, so I would use at least that much.

4. Add 1 tablespoon to glue to each jar, then add each food coloring mixture. Mix this up well inside the jar, but try not to mix it too fast to create fewer bubbles.  At this point you will want to put something down to protect your work space.

5. Now, you’ll coat the inside of the jar. With the top of the jar over the mixing container, twist the jar so that every bit of the inside of covered in blue.  I did this a few times just to make sure the entire inner surface got enough blue.

If you want to tint the rim of the jar, do this carefully while turning the jar and pouring the mixture back into the mixing container.  Save this run-off, because you may want to reuse it!

6. Once the jars are coated on the inside, let them sit upside down for about 10 minutes in order to let excess blue drain out. In the meantime, you can preheat your oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and prepare a baking sheet with some wax paper.

7. After 10 minutes, let your jars remain upside down and place them on the prepared baking sheet with wax paper. Put them in the oven and ‘bake’ them for 15 minutes

Then, flip them right side up and warm them for another 15 minutes.  Let the jars cool completely before moving on.


At this point if you’re happy with the tint of your jar, great!  However, I thought mine could use a little more blue…


8. Once the jars are completely cooled, repeat the entire tinting process. For the jar with 20 drops, I simply created another mixture with 20 drops, for the 40 I created another mixture with 40 drops, and so on.  If you saved your run-off from when you coated the jars for the first time, you could also just reuse the one for each jar!

Bake these jars just like you did before.  Once they are cooled, they are ready to use!


I absolutely love these tinted Mason jars!  They make the perfect vase to set in the window, to add as a décor piece on a shelf, or even as a table centerpiece at a rustic wedding! 

If you love the Antique Candle Works blue Ball jar candles, now you can up-cycle all your old Mason jar candles to have the perfect tint to match!  They are just too cute! 

Do you love these crafts?  Well we’ve got plenty more Mason Jar DIYs to keep you busy this summer!  Projects perfect just for you, or to do with the kids!  Check out some of our other projects we’ve done, and if you do this DIY or any of the others, be sure to post of picture for us to see in the comments below.  We’d love to see how you repurposed your Mason jar!


Visit the Antique Candle Works Pinterest page for an endless amount DIYs for your candles, and your home!


Happy crafting friends!

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Mason Jar DIY - Jute String Lantern

Mason Jar DIY - Jute String Lantern

I don’t know about you, but I love crafting!  It’s so satisfying to create something fun and unique with your own two hands, which is exactly what Antique Candle Works strives to do with every hand poured soy candle!  With that in mind, I’m drawing inspiration from the Mason jars we use to house our candles to give you yet another Mason Jar DIY!


From an adorable bathroom set to rustic vases, the possibilities for repurposing Mason jars, and even vintage Ball jars, are endless! 


This DIY is a little more in depth than the last one, but it is so cute!  It is perfect now that the days are warmer and the days are sunnier.  You can enjoy it indoors or outdoors, and once you make one you’ll definitely want to make one or two more!  I present to you:


Jute String Lantern


Isn’t it so cute and stylish?  I can’t get enough of these!  The best part is that they can work with any size Mason jar candle or antique Ball jar candle!  It’s a great repurposing project for anyone!


What you will need: old Antique Candle Works candle (I used a 16oz and 8oz Mason jar, and an antique blue Ball jar), jute string, craft scissors


1. Clean out your candle jars. I left our jars clear, but if you want to paint them, check out how to paint and distress your jar on this blog.

2. Depending on what size jar you are using, you will measure and cut 8 strands of jute. This also determines how long your lantern will hang (remember, it’s always better to have extra that you can cut later). 


A trick you can to is to turn the jar upside down and measure jute around the jar vertically from top rim of the jar, to bottom, back to top, then multiply that length my ten.  For 16oz, I cut 8 pieces about 96 inches long (this made it a little longer); for 8oz, I cut 8 pieces that were about 56 inches long (this made it a little shorter).

3. Divide the jute in half so you have two bunches of 4 strands each. Find the center of each bunch, and cross them.  You may have to use objects to hold the strands in place because you are working with a lot of jute!


4. Now for the trickiest part. You will tie a lanyard know at this center point.  Don’t worry, it’s not bad once you get the hang of it!  We’re taking this one slow: 

  • Once you crisscross the strands, bring the top part of one strand down over the other strand on the left side. We will call this ‘Strand A,’ and the one that hasn’t moved yet ‘Strand B.’


  • Next, take the right side of Strand B and move it underneath both halves of Strand A at the bottom of the center point.


  • Take that same part of Strand B that you just moved and take it back over the two halves of Strand A that you just went under.


  • From the center point, find the bottom half of Strand A (the piece you haven’t moved yet), and bring it up over, over, and under the pieces of the right half of Strand B. Doing this will create a new center point.


  • That’s it! Now all you have to do is carefully bring the knot together by pulling opposite ends of the knot so that you are pulling two ends of the same strand. 


Just keep pulling the opposite corners until the knot finally shrinks down into your lanyard knot!  This is the bottom of the jute lantern.


5. Next, you will find two strands that are right next to each other and tie them together about 1½ inches up from the center.


6. Do this with the next two strands, and so on.


    Continue tying knots all around the center until you have the shape of a flower and there are not more lone strings of jute.


    7. Now you will just do the same thing on the next outer layer. Take two strings right next to each other and tie those about 1½ inches up from the last knots.


      Again, just do this all the way around until every strand has a pair and you see an even larger flower shape.

      8. Depending on what size jar you are using for the lantern, repeat step 7 until you reach the height of your jar. You will notice the jute begin to raise as you do this, and that is because it is already forming the holder for your jar!  This makes tying knots a little trickier, so just simply move the jute around or to the side so you can easily tie those knots!


        You can have the knots reach up over the rim of your jar (which is what I did), or a little below the rim.  That’s up to you!


        The number of layers of knots depends on the height or your jar and the thickness of the jute you are using.  I was using thicker jute, so the 16oz size only needed 4 layers, and the 8oz only needed 3 layers.

        9. Lastly, you will knot the ends of all the strands together. This is where you will hang your lantern, so it needs to be a decent knot.  You can also tie in a curtain loop or metal d-ring to hang the lantern with, but just hanging it by the knot worked fine for me! 

        Now you can enjoy your adorable jute string lantern!  You can put anything inside them, or nothing at all, and they still look stunning no matter where you hang them! 


        I left mine empty, added a little tea light, and for my person favorite, put in fairy string lights!


        If you loved this DIY project as much as I did, make sure to check out some of the others we’ve done!  Also, if you tried this project for yourself, be sure to comment below and post a picture of your own jute string lantern!


        Check out the Antique Candle Works Pinterest page for more DIY Home ideas!


        Have a beautiful day, friends!
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        How to Create the Perfect Candle Setting: My Little Kate Cod

        How to Create the Perfect Candle Setting: My Little Kate Cod

        The girls at the Antique Candle Works studio can’t get enough of home décor and the unique styles we see through some of our friends on Instagram.  Our favorite look involves mixing the new with the old, the modern with the vintage.  I connected with our friend Katie from My Little Kate Cod to discuss her love for cape cod/farmhouse style décor and how to use Antique Candle Works candles to create the perfect candle setting!


        Though Katie doesn’t have a professional interior design background, she has earned the title of “pretty space maker” through years of growing up watching and working with her own mother as she decorated her home in stunning seasonal settings.  This is where she first witnessed mixing modern and vintage style!


        When it comes to decorating, Katie always tries to works with the house and all its unique characteristics.  She loves making every color, detail, and accent come together in perfect harmony in her old cape-cod house. 

        With an old house comes many individual traits unique to that house, and working with those quirks allows Katie to truly bring the home to life.  This is evident by her gorgeous Instagram photos that I cannot get enough of!


        One of my favorite things about her home is now naturally she fits in our candles into her décor.  She makes a point for her candle placement to be safe, but also strategic.  She makes them centerpieces so that everyone who comes in and enjoys her lovely home can also enjoy her yummy candles! 

        She also loves the warm glow that a candle brings to a room, which offers both light and ambience to her darker rooms with fewer lights.  What could be more cozy than soft candlelight?


        When putting her candles out, Katie’s favorite way to make a setting is actually to group candles together!  She likes having two candles, side-by-side, with one larger and one smaller.  She says, “Together they're like little pals that are working to make the space smell irresistible!”  Even when the candles are not lit, thanks to Katie’s design skills, they work right into her gorgeous home with their vintage look and neutral colors! 

        Not only does pairing candles together create an adorable candle setting, but Katie puts together different scents that complement each other for a whole new candle experience.  She pairs her “favorite favorite,” Fresh Cut Herbs, with her second favorite, Sweet Lemon, that together are just “spring harmony!”


        Katie is a genius at creating the most perfect candle settings for her home, and I hope she’s inspired you to get creative with your candles, too!  Check out more pictures of her gorgeous home on Instagram for endless décor inspiration!


        Also see our other friends in the Perfect Candle Setting series, Lisa and Martha, for more tips and tricks to create your own adorable placements!


        Have a beautiful day!




        Photography by Katie Walsh

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        The Complete Guide to Candle Care

        The Complete Guide to Candle Care

        There’s something special about a cozy candle filling the room with your favorite fragrance.  Helping create the perfect atmosphere for your home is part of what motivates us at Antique Candle Works to make unique handmade candles in order to give you the best experience possible. 

        However, like any candle, they need some care after they leave our studio.  It’s super easy to make sure you get the most out of your candle or wax melts, so I’ve put together a master guide of all the candle care tips and tricks you need to know for your Antique Candle Works candle!


        1. How to Get the Most out of Your Candle

        Learn the basics of Candle Care 101 with the best practices to maintain the quality and life of your handmade candle.  This includes the importance of the first time lighting your candle, proper storage, wick trimming, cleaning soot, and extinguishing your candle.  Check out these easy-to-follow tips!


        1. Candle Care: Play it Safe!

        Trying out new candle fragrances is fun, but it’s important to always stay safe while enjoying your candles.  This includes ideas such as “The Candle Bubble” and “Watch that Wick.”  This blog details four simple ways you can always make sure to keep safe while burning any of our Mason jar or antique candles!


        1. Soy Melts and How to Use Them

        Antique Candle Works doesn’t just carry candles; we also have soy melts in every one of our unique fragrances!  Knowing how to use these soy melts, or wax tarts, is important to get the most out of every wax cube that comes in each shell container.


        1. How to Remove Wax Melts

        Wax melts can sometimes be a little tricky when it comes to getting rid of a used scent in your burner, or if you just want to change up your fragrances.  So, we’ve found two mess-free ways to clean out your old tarts before you replace them with a brand new yummy scent!


        1. How to Clean out Candle Jars

        This blog concerns the care of your candle once you use up all of the yummy smelling soy wax!  Mason jars and vintage jars are so cute and great craft or décor pieces, and our candles just so happen to come in these vessels.  So, if you don’t want to just throw out your leftover candle, follow this simple guide or infographic to cleaning out your candle jars that has been tried and tested by Brittany (the owner) herself!


        If you have more questions about candle care, or candles in general, check out our Answering Your FAQs blog that addresses some of the most common questions we get from our friends!


        Haven’t found your favorite Antique Candle Works fragrance or need to find one for a gift?  Do not worry!  Follow our full candle guide or visit our candle guide blog, A Scent for Everyone.  We have 18 unique scents, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you!




        Photography by Ashley from Our Modern Antebellum, HJ Creative Photography, Jennifer from The Grace House, and Hannah Christine Photography

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        How to Style Antique Candles: The Turquoise Home and Our Humble Nest

        How to Style Antique Candles: The Turquoise Home and Our Humble Nest

        The Antique Candle Works team always has so much fun putting together vintage vessels for the monthly Antique Candle Sale, and we had many unique candles in our latest restock that we were so excited to share with you! If you were lucky enough to snag one of these vintage pieces before they ran out, you’ll need to know how to style them in your home!  Thanks to Laura from The Turquoise Home and Erica from Our Humble Nest, we’ve put together some helpful tips and ideas for styling one of our antique candles in your home!


        If there’s anything that makes these candles truly unique, besides their enticing scents, it’s that they really are vintage.  We actually get these vessels from antique stores and similar sources to repurpose them into the adorable candles you see.  So, work with that!  Surround your candles with other vintage décor pieces that complement the candles and make them the highlight of a room.


        Speaking of making the candle a highlight of a room, putting it at a high place in an area may not make it the center of attention but will add an extra touch of eye-catching vintage style to your home.  Laura often places her antique candles on her mantel piece.  The light of a candle being at a high place warms up a room with happy moods and yummy smells.


        Add it to a collection.  A collection of décor, that is!  You might, like many of our friends with an interest in interior design, decorate their home based on seasons.  Luckily, our antique candles make perfect additions to every type of seasonal décor.  For spring, our blue Ball jars go particularly well will bright spring flowers and notes of greenery.  Pair them with these pieces to create stunning floral settings with the perfect note of vintage!


        Antique Candle Works candles are the only candles that Laura from The Turquoise Home burns in her house, and our antique candles in particular go perfect with her unique and bright style!  Erica from Our Humble Nest has many gorgeous photos of antique candles in her home by mixing the perfect amounts of green notes with her white/neutral colors.


        No matter how you style your antique candles, there is no doubt that they will be the great additions to every room of your home!


        Don’t have one of these unique candles yet?  Don’t worry!  Keep a look out on the Antique Candle listing page for an update on the next antique candle restock!


        Want to learn more about Laura or Erica?  Check out The Turquoise Home and Our Humble Nest on Instagram!




        Photography by Laura from The Turquoise Home, Erica from Our Humble Nest, and HJ Creative Photography

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        Mason Jar DIY - Succulent Planter

        Mason Jar DIY - Succulent Planter

        Mason jars are perfect pieces for Do It Yourself projects and crafts.  I love DIY, and they are definitely one of my favorite things to use around my home!  What’s great about them is that they can be great items to repurpose into stunning decorations.  And the best part?  Antique Candle Works candles are made using Mason jars! 


        Last year, I shared with you some easy yet adorable Repurposed Mason Jar Ideas with simple tutorials on how to repurpose your old candle jars after you clean them out, and now I’ve got yet another for ya!


        With Spring right around the corner, there’s one thing that’s on the minds of everyone who loves to decorate their house: plants!  Whether it’s bright tulips or fresh greenery, you can’t bring Spring into your home without some plants.  So, I’ve put together a super easy and beautiful Mason jar DIY project that is sure to brighten up your space!


        Cute Little Succulent Planter

        Who doesn’t love succulents?  They are easy to care for and are adorable additions to any shelf, coffee table, desk, or any other part of your home!  This is a great way to repurpose some of your old 4oz Mason jar candles!


        What you will need: old Antique Candle Works 4oz Mason jar candle, a mini succulent plant (I used a live plant, but this project will work with a faux succulent, too!), smooth river pebbles


        1. Clean out your old 4oz candle with hot water and soap.  Check out this blog post for detailed steps!  (I left our planter clear, but if you want to have a painted succulent planter, check out our blog on a Painted and Distressed Mason Jar Vase to learn how to paint your jar using chalk paint!)
        2. Fill the 4oz jar about half way with pebbles.
        3. Carefully remove your succulent from the planter it came with and remove excess soil from the roots. This is a bit messy, and you’ll want to be gentle as to not tear any of the roots.
        4. Once most of the soil is removed (it’s okay to leave some), place the succulent in the jar with the pebbles.
        5. Fill the jar the rest of the way with pebbles. Doing this after you put the succulent in allows the pebbles to hold the plant in place and lets your fill in all the extra space to make sure it is secure. 


        There you have it, an adorable little succulent planter!  I can’t get enough of this repurposing craft—it is so cute!  This is perfect for spring, or any time of the year as far as I’m concerned!


        If you like this DIY project, make it using some of your old candle jars and share a photo with us on Instagram, or let us know in the comments below!  We love sharing these ideas with you as much as we enjoy making them!


        Check out the Antique Candle Works Pinterest page for more DIY Home ideas!


        Have a beautiful day, friends!



        Photography by Heather from The Southern Hydrangea (first image) and Hannah Christine Photography (last image)

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        Date Ideas by Candlelight

        Date Ideas by Candlelight

        Happy Valentine’s Day!


        It’s the national day of love, a time to celebrate a relationship with your significant other over a romantic day.  A day full of red roses, sweet chocolates, and precious gifts.  However, what’s most important today goes beyond some of the more commercial aspects associated with the holiday.  Spending time with your loved one, however that may appear, is what is truly special on Valentine’s Day.  We want to help you create that special moment with some fun date ideas using none other than our yummy Antique Candle Works candles: dates by candlelight!


        1. Coffee with your Sweetie

        Sometimes, it’s the little things that can hold so much meaning.  Maybe you and your significant other make and get coffee every day and it’s no big deal.  So, make it a big deal.  Start your morning together with a coffee date at home.  While your coffee brews, light a candle to brighten the room and pull out both of your favorite mugs.  Sit together, chat, just spend time with each other first thing in the morning.  Start the day off with love.


        1. Romantic Dinner for Two

        This is an oldie but a goodie.  You can’t go wrong with a delicious homemade meal for you and your special person.  Set the mood by placing a stunning tablecloth, breaking out your favorite wine glasses, and top it all off by dimming the lights and lighting a sweet Antique Candle Works candle (or two!) to create a truly romantic dinner atmosphere.  And don’t forget a yummy dessert!


        1. Too busy? Work date.

        Maybe you want to have a romantic date with your sweetie but simply don’t have time.   Maybe you’re both busy with work, that might be working from home, doing chores around the house, or just having too much to do at home at the end of the day.  So maybe you can’t go out to dinner, but you can still have a date!  Light your favorite candle to set the mood and make your home smell amazing, then get to work together, as a date. 


        1. Cozy Stay-at-Home Movies

        This is a favorite to do with my husband!  Who needs to go to the cinema when you have a perfect comfy couch?  Paired with some warm blankets and a yummy candle, a stay-at-home movie night with your honey is the perfect date that’s simple, yet fun!


        1. Get Ready in Luxury

        This one’s a date just for you!  If you are going out with your loved one for a special date, you can still break out that cozy Antique Candle Works candle!  While you’re getting ready, treat yourself to a sensual bath.  Make a cup of tea, grab a good book, and go ahead, take two hours to get ready!  There’s nothing better than a relaxing soak before a romantic evening.


        There are so many opportunities for any date, especially on Valentine’s Day, to light your favorite Antique Candle Works candle and create the perfect atmosphere for you and your valentine.


        Don't forget to check out this month's Scent of the Month: Wildflowers!


        Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails.
        ~1 Corinthians 13:4-8
        Photography by KellyP (@littlebluehouseonhillsdale), Ali (@dakotadecor), Martha (@simplecozycharm), @MisDIY, Ty Stewart (@littlehomereloved), Ashely (@ourmodernantebellum)
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        Why Our Candles Are White

        Why Our Candles Are White

        I think it’s safe to say that Antique Candle Works is unique for a small candle business.  We’ve definitely got a unique group of people in the studio!  Haha!  But more than that, Antique Candle Works is a Christian-focused business and is proud to share such an important aspect of our lives with all our friends that have been involved with us. 

        Something else that makes us unique, which we’ve gotten many comments and questions about, involve our candles.  You may have noticed, but here it is:


        Our candles are white.


        All of them, from Vanilla to Apple Pickin’.  All of our fragrances share one thing in common, and that’s their color.  Most candle-makers color their wax, but not us.  So, why are our candles white?


        1. It’s the natural look.

        The wax for Antique Candle Works candles are made from natural, domestically grown soy beans.  There are several reasons why we use soy wax in the first place, which you can check out in Why We Use Soy Wax, but that doesn’t explain the coloring of our candles.  Well, soy wax is naturally off-white, so why mess with the pure look of the wax?  It’s naturally beautiful.


        1. No additives.

        The only things in our candles are natural soy wax and fine fragrance oils.  Unlike paraffin candles, soy candles cannot take dye as well and require more colorant with deeper colors, which means more additives to the candle.  This would not only take away from the natural quality of our candles, but it would also disrupt the balance of wax and fragrance.


        1. Farmhouse Neutrals!

        Simply put, our off-white candles naturally work with the brilliance of a flame, and match any décor themes you might have in your home!  It works especially well with our personal favorite style: farmhouse!  So much farmhouse décor utilizes neutral colors to create stunning designs and settings, which is perfect for Antique Candle Works candles with brilliant white wax!


        Colored wax candles can be beautiful, but are all too common.  For Antique Candle Works natural soy candles, we let our wax remain its raw color.  Not only is this cleaner, but for those of us who love the natural look, it’s a perfect addition to any home (with any style)!


        There will be some extra unique soy candles available at the next Antique Candle Sale!  Be sure to visit our antique candle marketplace to find out when the next restock will be, and to try your luck at one of these gorgeous candles before they run out!


        Have a beautiful day!




        Photography by Ashley from Our Modern Antebellum, HJ Creative Photography, and Erica from Our Humble Nest

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        Answering Your FAQs

        Answering Your FAQs

        At Antique Candle Works, our goal is to provide you with the best candle experience possible.  Not only does this involve your experience with our actual candles, but we also strive to give you a pleasant experience when ordering and receiving your favorite fragrances!


        On our Customer FAQ page, we answer some important questions to keep you informed about Antique Candle Works!  Some of these questions are in regards to antique candles, candle fragrances, and even how to store your candle.  We’ve also put together a series of blogs that can aid you with cleaning out your old candle jar, using and removing wax melts, and so much more. 

        We are always happy to help with anything our friends might need, so we’ve put together three tips based on some commonly asked questions!


        Why did my candle tunnel after I burned it?

        The most common reason for a candle to tunnel is that it was not burned long enough the first time it was lit.  The first light of a candle is very important in ensuring a clean and even burn the next time your light it.  When you receive your new Antique Candle Works candle, be sure to let it burn long enough to allow the melted wax on the surface to reach the edge of the jar, which could take a few hours depending on the size of your candle. 

        If your candle tunneled, the next time you light it be sure to allow the wax to melt across the surface and around the tunneled area.  For more helpful tips, check out the blog “How to get the Most out of Your Candle!”


        I’m having trouble with the 15% off coupon from the email subscription.

        When you become our friend on the Antique Candle Works emailing list, you receive a special 15% off coupon for your first time purchase!  This coupon arrives directly into your inbox after you confirm your subscription.  However, you must confirm your subscription from an additional email to be officially added to the list and to use the 15% off coupon. 

        If you are having trouble finding your coupon code, check to make sure you did confirm subscription in another email.  This coupon doesn’t necessarily have to be used on your first purchase, but it is a one-time only coupon that can only be used on one order. 

        If you haven’t had a chance to become our email friend, you can sign up here to keep up to date with the candle studio and be the first to know about sales, promotions, and even new fragrances!


        My candle order is a gift.  Can you include a message?

        Of course!  We have many people create an order to be shipped to a loved one as a gift!  If you let us know at the end of your order that your purchase is a gift (where you can add any additional notes), not only can we include a special message, but we will also make sure to not include the receipt with pricing information in the package.  When you add this note to your order, simply write what you would like us to write and we would be happy to include any message you like in this special gift!

        If you’re thinking about sending an Antique Candle Works candle as a gift, check out our easy to follow gift guide to help you pick out the perfect fragrance for your loved one!


        If you have any questions about anything Antique Candle Works, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help assist you!


        Have a beautiful day!




        Photography by Ashely from Our Modern Antebellum and HJ Creative Photography

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        3 Best Candle Staging Ideas for your Home

        3 Best Candle Staging Ideas for your Home

        It’s that time again.  The rush of the holidays has settled down and you finally have a moment to breathe and take it all in.  Now that Christmas is over, you may have some new gifts that need to find a place in your home, and one of those new things just may be an Antique Candle Works candle

        Now that you’ve gotten your first (or your twentieth!) Antique Candle Works candle, with the help of some awesome home décor bloggers, we will show you some of the most stunning ways to display it in your home!


        Pair your candle with something fresh

        Whether that’s a bouquet of flowers or a basket of apples, Antique Candle Works candles always go well in your home with something fresh and natural!  The candles are made from natural soy beans and fine fragrance oils, so it only makes sense that the candle be paired with something straight from nature! 

        Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone loves staging her candles in the most natural way possible.  She shared this, and some of her other decorating tips in the blog Perfect Candle Setting.  Sometimes simple is the best way to go!


        Cozy up your kitchen

        Some of the homiest candle photos are all set in one place: the kitchen.  The kitchen, in many ways, is the heart of the home.  It’s where yummy meals are made and the family gathers to share stories and laughter.  So, it is definitely the perfect place to put a warm and cozy candle from Antique Candle Works!   

        Placing it on a countertop amidst some of your cutest kitchen essentials is the perfect way to make your candle look like it’s a part of the home.  Bianca from With Lavender and Grace knows how to create an adorable setting with simple but cute pieces of her farmhouse kitchen!


        Create a centerpiece with a grouping of three

        You can’t go wrong with staging your candle in the middle of a table.  However, you can easily spice it up with a few other décor pieces for a classy, finished look.  Three items, including your candle, of three different sizes, perhaps even of different styles, but that all compliment the rest of your room. 

        Martha from Simple Cozy Charm loves creating gorgeous centerpieces by combining her favorite Antique Candle Works candles with modern and farmhouse design!  She shared this, and other insightful décor tips in the blog Perfect Candle Setting.


        No matter how you choose to style your new Antique Candle Works candles, you can always be sure that they will fill your home with the most yummy, soothing, and cozy candles any time of the year.


        These ideas from some of our friends will help your house feel like a home!


        Have a beautiful day, and don’t forget to check out our Candle Guide for the best way to pick out the perfect candle!




        Photography by Ashley from Our Modern Antebellum, Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone, Bianca from With Lavender and Grace, and Martha from Simple Cozy Charm

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